SmileDrive is going offline on August 13, 2015.

The SmileDrive journey is coming to an end. We are removing the SmileDrive app from the Google Play Store.
It’s been a great ride!

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Are my photos available now that the app has been taken down?

Yes, your photos are available through your Google+ account. To access them, visit the Picassa website here.

Is SmileDrive gone forever? Like the dodo bird?

Sadly, yes. As stated above, your pictures are available through your Google+ account. However, your trips, drives, and SmileCasts are gone. Like the dodo.

How should I cope?

We suggest a ride in the 2016 Beetle Convertible, top down. Sunshine is thought to increase dopamine levels, the happiness chemical in the brain. Bring sunscreen.

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The first social app to maximize fun
on every drive is here.1

1 Driver should not attempt to operate the SmileDrive app while vehicle is in motion.
Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted.
Requires compatible Android device. Standard data rates apply.

Connect your car

Sign in with your Google account and pair the app to your vehicle’s Bluetooth® system.
Once synched, SmileDrive will automatically connect whenever you’re in your car. More info.
Don't have Bluetooth? Stop frowning. The app still lets you record drives manually.

Record your drives

SmileDrive keeps track of things like location, distance, time and
weather on each of your drives.





Add your friends

If you're traveling with friends, before you start your drive you can make it social by adding them to your trip.
This allows them to combine their photos and status updates with yours into a shareable travelogue.

Re-imagine PunchDub

Every time you encounter another Volkswagen with SmileDrive, you get a punch.
At the end of your drive, you’ll learn how many punches you’ve collected.

Earn stickers

You’ll receive stickers for special moments on the road such as late-night rides,
extra long hauls and crack-of-dawn commutes.

Get your Smile Score

Each trip ends with a report that includes a Smile Score, which measures the fun factor of that drive.

  • drives
  • punches
  • stickers
  • summary
Location, time and weather affect your score.

Share and save Smilecasts

Friends can see where you are, who you’re with and what you're doing while you’re on your road trip.
Once it’s over, your Smilecast is saved so that you can revisit the adventure. More info.